Offroad Tour in Georgia - Guide Assisted Self Driving Groups - Welcome to Caucasus
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Welcome to Caucasus / Offroad Tour in Georgia – Guide Assisted Self Driving Groups

Offroad Tour in Georgia – Guide Assisted Self Driving Groups

690 EUR

per person

Offroad Tour in Georgia lets you experience thrilling off-road adventure in Georgia. Drive a 4×4 offroad vehicle yourself during the tour. Explore the highlands of Georgia, enjoy breathtaking sceneries, eat the best food, stay in the accommodations, feel the roads and feel the country. Our experienced guide will lead the group during the self driving tour in Georgia in his own jeep.

Explore the amazing Javakheti Volcanic Plateau.

Travel on Georgian various dirt roads by jeeps during offroad tour in Georgia.

Breathe the healthy air of coniferous forests.

Taste Georgian mineral waters.

Travel to the difficult mountain roads of Svaneti by jeep and enjoy the magical atmosphere.

Enjoy the sunset from Lamaria church of Ushguli village, Svaneti,  in the background of the Caucasus mountains.

Overcome obstacles on uneven roads of amazing nature while self driving jeep in Georgia.

Experience Georgian Supra (feast) with toasts and make Churchkhela on your own

Offroad Tour in Georgia Outline

Day 1: Tbilisi  –  Kldekari Fortress Offroad  –  Tabatskuri Pass – Tabatskuri Lake  –  Bakuriani

Day 2: Bakuriani –  Akhalkalaki – Gogasheni Viewpoint – Vardzia Cave Town –  Akhaltsikhe

Day 3: Akhaltsikhe  – Abastumani Resort –  Zekari Pass  –  Sairme Resort –  Kutaisi

Day 4: Kutaisi – Martvili Canyon – Okatse Canyon – Kinchkha Waterfall – Mestia

Day 5: Mestia  –  Koruldi Lakes  – Tetnuldi Resort –  Ushguli

Day 6: Ushguli  –  Zagaro Pass –  Lentekhi –  Tskaltubo Resort

Day 7: Barbeque Party or Bateti Lake Visit  – Mtskheta Old Town

Day 8: Tbilisi Tour


✅ Rental of jeeps for guests, petrol;
✅ Insurance for the jeeps
✅ Leader guide with a jeep, his salary, petrol and insurance
Not including:
❌ Meals in Tbilisi excluding breakfast
❌ Entrance fees in Martvili, Okatse nd Kinchkha
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    Tbilisi  -  Kldekari Fortress Offroad  -  Tabatskuri Pass - Tabatskuri Lake  -  Bakuriani

    In the morning we will board offroad jeeps and drive west from Tbilisi to start offroad tour in Georgia. 100 km from the capital we will enter Tsalka municipality, which has one of the most amazing Georgian nature monuments - Tsalka Canyon which we can visit. Alternatively we can drive Georgia’s oldest offroad route to Kldekari fortress. It was the center of resistance for Kldekari principals against Georgian kings. Kldekari literally means stone gate and it is actually a road cut between cliffs connecting Lower and Inner Kartli regions. After reaching the natural stone gate you can go up the fortress from where you can observe the lakes of Tsalka Plateau, Algeti national park and the whole Kartli region.

    Later we will move with our jeeps towards the volcanic plateau – Tabatskuri pass (2000m). In the beautiful alpine zone we will see volcanoes and red rocks around while driving our jeeps on a dirt road. Inactive volcano of Mt. Tavkvetli (2583m) even has craters, and sometimes a lake is formed on it, which means that it is newly created. Huge Mt. Samsari (3285m) and Mt. Abuli (3305m) overlooks the horizon. You will have to go through the middle of such a landscape.

    Soon you will approach Tabatskuri Lake, which is hidden in the middle of volcanoes. The lake is formed by lava flows and is filled with groundwater, snow and rainwater. There is a small island in the middle of the lake. In winter it is usually frozen. Colorful volcanic rocks, dirt roads, blue shining lake will make you feel like you're in a fairy tale. The environment is interesting not only in terms of geological diversity, but also for the eye of the visitor. We will rest for a while at the edge of the forest and make a delicious barbecue, which we will prepare before the tour in the morning.

    Our adventure continues. We will approach the BP Baku-Ceyhan pipeline post, where you need to present your ID/Passport. Then will reach Tskhratskaro Pass (2462m) which is located on Trialeti Range. From there you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of Borjomi gorge. Finally we will enter the famous mountain resort Bakuriani, which is a favorite place for skiers and famous for its dense coniferous forests, cool climate and fresh air.

    Overnight in Bakuriani.


    Bakuriani -  Akhalkalaki – Gogasheni Viewpoint - Vardzia Cave Town -  Akhaltsikhe

    The next day we will continue our guide assisted self driving tour in Georgia. First we will drive to the magnificent Tskhratskaro pass again, pass the BP post and drive in the direction of Javakheti. We will witness a different culture while going to Javakheti. There we will find local Armenian villages and on the way we will see Azerbaijani shepherds. The diversity of the Caucasus region is all in front of you. If it is autumn you can help the locals to harvest potatoes. Then we will move to a dirt road, which is charmed by the small lakes nearby.

    At the end of the road we will reach the village Gogasheni and from there we will approach the edge of the cliff. From where we will look and see the most important monument of Georgian history - Vardzia gorge and the river Kura rushing through it. After enjoying breathtaking landscape, we will head down to the valley, where we will visit Vardzia cave town. Later we can try delicious local Kvevri (traditional clay pots used to store wine) beer – Amphora.

    Overnight in Akhaltsikhe.


    Akhaltsikhe  - Abastumani Resort -  Zekari Pass  -  Sairme Resort -  Kutaisi

    We will start the day with a visit to the beautiful Rabat Castle - a castle complex of Asian style in Akhaltsikhe. Recently renovated Castle is the perfect place to take stunning photos in the background of its eastern-styled towers, shining mosque, charming palaces and fountains. Then we will go to the Abastumani resort famous for its fresh air, beautiful forests and observatory. In autumn, the forest in mixed colors will astound you. The Romanov family (Russian Tsar - kings), fascinated by Abastumani, built a sanatorium here at the end of the 19th century.

    On a dirt road the tour leader will guide you to Zekar Pass (2182m). On the pass we notice the shepherds and their abode. We will have the opportunity to buy natural cheese from them and serve it with fresh Georgian bread (shoti) from Akhaltsikhe. We will stop for a picnic, set up a hiking stove and make coffee/tea. We will eat and enjoy the landscape of the Georgian mountains. We will notice the stone formations that look like the guardians of the mountains around. If we look from this place at night, we will also see the city of Kutaisi in western Georgia.

    After resting we will arrive in Sairme, a resort located in the subtropical belt. The resort is famous for its four eutherapeutic and one thermo springs, which are very beneficial for health. We will taste these waters and you will also be able to enjoy the pools in Sairme if interested.

    After Sairme we will drive our jeeps to Kutaisi - Once the capital of Georgia and one of the largest cities. Here we can visit a Georgian restaurant for dinner with a musical program or a local winery.

    Overnight in Kutaisi


    Kutaisi - Martvili Canyon - Okatse Canyon - Kinchkha Waterfall - Mestia

    On this day our main goal is to cross the Svaneti mountains and reach Mestia for Caucasus offroad tour. On the way to the city we will visit some interesting sights. Our first stop will be an amazing Martvili Canyon where we can enjoy the boat ride in the beautiful green gorge . After Martvili Canyon we will visit Okatse Canyon where we will take a walk along the cliffs and look out over the gorge full of beautiful green trees. There we will visit a very beautiful three-step waterfall cascade of Kinchkha(70m) near Okatse Canyon.

    We will continue our jeep tour in Georgia and enter the middle of the mountains, in the region of Svaneti, which has a rich culture. The center of the region Mestia will be the last stop of our day, where we will have an enjoyable evening in Cafe Laila and meet locals and guests of Svaneti region.

    Overnight in Mestia.


    Mestia  -  Koruldi Lakes  - Tetnuldi Resort -  Ushguli

    As we mentioned on this day we have to do the most difficult off-road task. We will drive our Jeeps to reach the Koruldi alpine lakes lying at the bottom of Mt. Ushba. Our elevation gain and loss to and back from Koruldi lakes will be almost 1500 meters starting from 1400-1500m in Mestia and ending at 2700-2800m. In the beginning there may be mud which complicates the task, but your experienced leader will show you the right way and overcome this obstacle. The road may be difficult but you will get a fabulous view. 2740 meters above sea level, Surrounded by divinely large mountain peaks, the loud silence of the mountains creates a magical effect on the atmosphere. The snow-covered Ushba(4710m) and Tetnuldi (4852m) reflected from the lakes doubles the beauty of this scene. This is the moment when you have to forget what planet you are on and become part of that wonderful nature.

    Here we are close to Ushba summit, but we will descend to Mestia and drive towards Mulakhi community to reach the lover of Ushba summit - Tetnuldi. From the asphalt section we will drive a relatively easier dirt road going up from 2000m till 3000m height. Almost reaching the sky we can enjoy the view, descend and continue towards Ushguli village.

    We will drive through the valleys of Svaneti, pass the empty cliffs and cold roads and reach one of the highest settlements of Europe with a permanent population – Ushguli. Ushguli is the face of Svanetian culture, there you will find Svanetian towers, which are listed in the Unesco world heritage, used as defensive structures, behind which is the highest peak in Georgia, Shkhara(5193m). We will enjoy the sunset looking at Shkhara summit from Virgin Mary small church - Lamaria and go to a guesthouse where we can taste the local dish Kubdari and we will rest because the next day a great adventure awaits us.

    Overnight in Ushguli


    Ushguli  -  Zagaro Pass -  Lentekhi -  Tskaltubo Resort

    In the morning we will get in our jeeps and continue svaneti offroad tour on the slopes of the Caucasus. We reach Zagaro Pass (2642m) where there is a difficult road to pass. It may be difficult to drive to the heights but an expert leader will lead you to the right path. From there we will see a view of the beautiful Mt. Ailama (4547m). From there we will pass the Soviet-era mountaineering camp Koruldashi and visit the completely empty village of Tsana(1800m). The road through the past is gravel, rocky, and bumpy but our experienced leader will keep you safe on this off roaders favorite road. The village was emptied due to the harsh climate and difficult road. The difficulty of the road increases with large stones on which we have to pass. We will have to be very careful here because the road hanging on the mountains of Svaneti is not easy.

    Our next destination will be Lentekhi, where we will be able to taste the mineral waters that flow from the depths of nature. From Lentekhi we will drive to Tskaltubo (120m) where we will taste delicious dishes in a local restaurant Magnolia or Otia’s Ezo (farm with delicious wine).

    Overnight in Tskaltubo


    Barbeque Party or Bateti Lake Visit  - Mtskheta Old Town

    We will have two alternatives for the last day:

    The first is a Georgian party where you will taste wine and vodka. Bake delicious Georgian breads, make Churchkelas (Georgian sweets made of walnuts and grape juice), taste Georgian dishes and just relax more, enjoy the day.

    The second option is to go by jeeps to Dzama Valley which is a home of around 50 orthodox monasteries hidden in the beautiful nature. We will be closest to the heart of Georgian forests while driving on the narrow road of the gorge. The valley turns red-yellow in autumn and shines green in summer. Then drive to Bateti Lake - short but harder off-road - which is immersed in a variety of nature. The valley and the lake are distinguished by their beauty.

    After this adventure we turn our jeeps in the direction of Tbilisi. If we have enough time we will visit Mtskheta - the old capital of Georgia. First we will visit Jvari Monastery (6th cent.). Jvari is also very popular because of its magnificent view. From here you will see the beautiful landmark of the confluence of two rivers. Then we will walk the narrow, old architectural style streets of the town. Browse handmade products displayed on small counters. Then we will visit Svetitskhoveli Cathedral - UNESCO World Heritage Site, known as the place of Tomb of Christ Robe.

    Overnight in Tbilisi


    Tbilisi Tour

    We will continue our tour in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia which is a combination of European, Asian, and Caucasian cultures. Newly built pedestrian glass and steel bridge with bow design - Peace Bridge is an attraction that should not be missed in Tbilisi. It will be our first destination.

    Our next destination will be the Mother of Georgia’s monument. We will reach this sightseeing with a cable car. The monument is located on a hill overlooking the entire city. After enjoying the view we will visit Narikala Fortress - the main defensive structure of the city.

    The main symbol of Tbilisi is the sulfur baths so this will be our next destination. Ottoman’s period bathhouses and sulfur smell around will immediately make you feel the vibe of old Tbilisi. Through this amazing atmosphere, we will reach Leghvtakhevi - a 14 m high waterfall in the heart of Tbilisi and enjoy the views of old Tbilisi balconies in the shade and fury of the waterfall.

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