FAQ - Welcome to Caucasus
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Due to the diverse climate, you can find excellent conditions for relaxation in any season. In Georgia and other countries of Caucasus you can visit the lakes immersed in the green nature in summer, the snow-capped villages in winter, the lush nature in spring and the culture of grape harvest and wine making in autumn.

If you come for trekking the best time is from the end of May till November. High passes in the Svaneti region can be crossed anytime in June already. However, Atsunta and Chaukhi passes in Khevi and Khevsureti region can be crossed from the end of June/Beginning of July which is the most beautiful period of Hiking – spring at 2600-3000s. End of August/September is dry, perfect for clear views to summits. In the second half of September it is colder but hiking is possible and colors start to get yellow. The most beautiful yellow colors are in Svaneti/Borjomi gorge on October 15th. There are tropical/desert areas which can be visited during any season. 

For skiing/skitouring the best timing is January/February. The best is the second half of January and February when the holiday season is over. However you can ski in the end of December and in March as well. 

Georgia is famous for its favorable temperate climate. Summer can be hot for cities but the best for mountain regions therefore the best for hiking and adventure tours. September and October, April and May can be both beautiful and at the same time optimal for cultural and city tours. In the eastern Georgia, the climate changes to moderate and the air is getting dryer.Black sea area can be more humid especially in summer. However it is warmer at night in the western part of Georgian than in the Eastern mountains. In winter there is a lot of snow in the mountains and low temperatures which are suitable for winter sports, but at the same time temperature in cities and lowlands can be 10-20 degrees higher and there is no snow. In Armenia summer is dry and sunny. Winter is short and quite cold (colder than lowlands of Georgia) with plenty of snow. Springs are short, while falls are longer. Azerbaijan is between the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains, which creates a whole diversity of climates. The south-eastern regions are the wettest, the central and coastal zones the sunniest. Azerbaijani summer is relatively long. July and August are the hottest months – same as in Georgia and Armenia.

Most of our guides speak English (in addition to Georgian and often Russian). For cultural tours you can request guides who speak your preferred languages including most European or some of Asian languages.For Trekking it is possible to request most languages of European alps depending on availability.

Accommodation can be of any kind -It Comes with a tour type. On trekking routes in the mountains there are mostly guesthouses, but there is a great choice of accommodation during cultural or other tours.

We choose the best guesthouses in each location. They usually offer breakfast, dinner and lunch boxes. Lunchboxes can be basic especially in mountain villages on main tourist trekking routes. Quality of guesthouses we choose during cultural/wine routes are high. 

There are many great hotels (including 4 and 5 stars) available in cities, even in mountain towns like Kazbegi and Mestia. If your budget allows, it would be better to request it in advance. 

Please note that, During trekking in Borjomi-Kharagauli and Lagodekhi national parks we will stay overnight at wooden cottages with wooden beds and no showers. We will have sleeping bags and pads for this case, just lake camping trips. 

Georgia and the region as a whole are rich in cuisine, so we offer delicious dishes according to your requirements. After booking please provide info on your dietary requirements whether you dont eat some specific types of meat, your allergy or gluten free or other requirements. We will always take care of this. Vegetarian and vegan cuisine is just as awesome as any other, however in some areas vegan options may lack variety especially in the East (Kakheti region of Georgia and Azerbaijan). Western Georgia is more famous for certain salads with walnuts. In general, food in the Caucasus may be very tasty but a bit heavy. Drinking can be also heavy, especially in Georgia with non-ending feast and toast making. The region is diverse in terms of drinks, so we can offer home-made or factory-produced spirits (wine, vodka, beer …) if outlined in the program.

To book a tour you must select a tour from our website and fill out the booking form on the same page. If you can not choose the tour you want or want another plan, contact us and we will offer a custom tour organized for you. We have group tours with scheduled dates where you can register and join others. All other tours are tours which are offered to private groups or companies planning to make a group. Private groups can be formed from 2 and more people, however, in terms of costs 4 and more are optimal. One person is not usually optimal as costs are very high, however we can offer budget options.

In Georgia – Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, in Armenia – Yerevan and Gyumri  and in Azerbaijan – Baku and several others. Worth mentioning that Budget Airlines – Wizzair flies to Kutaisi, Yerevan and Baku. We often plan trekking, cultural and even weekend tours from Kutaisi airport which allows you to save costs especially if it’s not the high season and this airport is more near Georgia’s one of the main cultural, trekking and ski touring destinations Svaneti. We usually include airport transport for private groups and companies in tour package costs. Usually group tours don’t include airport pickups. The best way to get a pickup from the airport is taxi applications, for example bolt. You can order yandex taxi in Georgia and Armenia and Uber in Baku for a cheaper ride from the airport. 

Georgian local currency is Lari, Armenian – Dram, Azerbaijani – Manat. It is better to bring USD and EUR cash and exchange locally here. There are many ATMs however please check your cash withdrawal limit from your bank in this region. Credit cards work but in villages and some populated areas it may not be possible to pay by card, so it is recommended to have cash with you.

All the cars used in our tours are clean, absolutely safe for driving and insured. In the mountains area we will provide comfortable jeeps and often for jeep tours we will use Mitsubishi Delica jeeps which are national transport for Georgian mountains. We often use Mercedes or Toyota minivans for smaller groups, Mercedes Sprinter for regular groups and can be bus for big groups of cultural and wine tours. 

We care about your covid safety. Our guides are vaccinated and follow all guidelines as well as accommodations we use. We wash and sanitize equipment provided to group members. For more information, please read

We offer all types of tours, even cultural tours can be very tough, fast and longer driving distances and visiting many places if our guests requests so. In any case, it would be better to have a good understanding of what our guests will prefer. We can arrange trekking for families and kids shorter distances and lower altitude differences. We often offer alternatives even in group tours between very demanding and easier routes. Please dont assume things, let us know what you expect so we can serve you better.

Please note that in group tours usually 2 people rooms are arranged and single rooms cost more and in mountains it may be difficult to always get twin/double rooms only. We will always put couples in double rooms anyway.

Payment terms can be agreed in advance. In the case of companies, payment is based on invoices issued by our company. Prepayment in advance, even for the part, is not always necessary unless some hotels request it from us. We will usually need the full amount a few days before the tour to deal with all costs. 

In case of groups, we often request payment in advance of some amount close to 20%, in some cases no prepayment is required and payment is on spot. In case of cancellation, unless it is very close to the tour date (less than one month), we usually don’t ask for payment. Please refer to payment terms in each tour description. 

You should bring medicines you usually use. Especially pain killers, medicines for stomach ache, allergies (if you have any) and pressure. If you have some health condition, please notify us especially if it is some trekking or adventure tour which requires more physical endurance. No specific vaccination is required here and there are no special threats to health. Water in Georgia is usually clean and good especially in mountains so no need to bring purifiers. Please buy your medical travel insurance before coming here. 

You can have any bag during cultural tours.  For trekking tours it is better to have backpacks and daypacks for hiking during the day. You can have your extra luggage stored in Tbilisi and Mestia in case you are joining a trekking tour. If you have booked a horse supported trekking tour or horse tour with us please don’t bring sharp metal bags with you to the trip. 

For more information check our guidebooks. Georgian Tour, Caucasus Trekking

You are advised to get a Magti sim card in the airport when you arrive. Airport selling points operate all the time. Mobile phone coverage will be in cities and most areas but not all areas during trekking. For more info please check

What you usually need to bring for hiking. I am sure it is not your first and last hiking trip. However please note that you usually need to bring protection from mountain sun (sunhat, sumcream) and also from rain (raincoat). Weather in mountains can be unpredictable but it doesn’t affect tours and is not a condition to postpone a planned activity but we will make sure our guests are as comfortable as possible given the circumstances. 

Tips depend on you completely. In Georgia it’s accepted to tip your driver/guide. It is recommended that your tip is some round amount in GEL, USD or EUR, let’s say 100-150-200 etc. 

Since some of our group tours start from Mestia while others start from Tbilisi, here are our recommendations.

The most preferred option is the train. You can buy tickets on this website. Train will get you to Zugdidi(6 hours). From where you can take the bus or share the minivan (3 hours until reaching Mestia). It is easy to arrange a private taxi from Zugdidi bus station and there is no need to book it in advance. 

You can also get to Mesia by plane but you need to buy the ticket 1 month before the fly and the departure of the plane is not guaranteed.

Private transport: We usually arrange transfers but it can be expensive with experienced and good provider. It can be an idea to get a cheaper regular taxi via taxi apps however we can not guarantee your happiness with service provided. In any case it’s not worth spending this much money on transport to Mestia and sitting in the car for 8 hours. Also, it is worth mentioning that traffic on highways and Georgian way of driving (by other cars) can be a bit of culture shock for a guest. 

You can request private transport from us so you can get from your hotel to Omalo safely. Do not trust someone on the internet to take you to Omalo. The road is hard and only experienced drivers can be trusted. 

Another way can be taking a taxi or your rented car to Alvani village and taking a jeep for the local driver. It is often shared with other tourists and can be a cheaper option.