Dreamy Caucasus Jeep Tour - 8 Days Jeep Tour in Georgia Country - Welcome to Caucasus
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Welcome to Caucasus / Dreamy Caucasus Jeep Tour – 8 Days Jeep Tour in Georgia Country

Dreamy Caucasus Jeep Tour – 8 Days Jeep Tour in Georgia Country

480 EUR

per person

Caucasus jeep tour is unforgettable adventure to main mountain regions of East Georgia – Explore Kazbegi, Khevsureti and Tusheti by jeeps. Have a jeep tour package in Kazbegi, Khevsureti and Tusheti and visit the main sights.

   Travel on Georgian various dirt roads by jeeps.
   Enjoy the views from Gergeti Trinity church during Kazbegi jeep tour
   Explore the colorful lakes of Abudelauri.
   Drive to the difficult mountain roads during Tusheti jeep tour and enjoy the magical atmosphere.
   Bring back to life the abandoned villages in the middle of the mountains.
   Watch the beautiful landscapes of alpine meadows in Parsma.
   Hike to the highland villages of Tusheti.
   Overcome obstacles on uneven roads of the wild nature.

Caucasus Jeep Tour outline:

Day 1: Zhinvali Water reservoir – Ananuri Fortress – Black and White Aragvi – Gudauri Viewpoint – Truso Valley – Stepantsminda
Day 2: Gergeti Trinity Church – Gveleti Waterfall – Tsdo – Elia Church
Day 3: Juta – Chaukhi Pass (optional) – Roshka.
Day 4: Abudelauri Lakes – Datvijvari Pass – Shatili
Day 5: Anatori Necropolis – Mutso – Sabue
Day 6: Abano Pass – Omalo – Dartlo village
Day 7: Parsma – Girevi – Chigho – Hike to Ghele – Omalo
Day 8: Omalo – Gometsari gorge – Bochorma – Dochu – Tbilisi

During the jeep tour in Georgia country in case of bigger group it is possible to split group between hikers and non-hikers so part of them hike more and part of them visit some sights meanwhile. It will allow each part to fully enjoy the tour package in Georgia, drink wine or beer, eat Georgian food, enjoy landscapes, take photos and fill themselves up with spirituality of Caucasus mountains

✅ Professional guide
✅ Transportation during the tour and petrol
✅ Accommodations with breakfast, lunch box and dinner
Not including:
❌ Lunches other than lunch box for road
❌ Insurance
❌ Tips

    Military road sights - Truso Valley - Stepantsminda

    In the morning we will start caucasus jeep tour and drive north from Tbilisi. We will make our way to Kazbegi via a military highway, which is 200km long and connects Tbilisi with Russia. Our first stop will be Jinvali Water Reservoir - the lake, which was created during the Soviet era. The blue color of the water and the greenery of the beautiful nature create an amazing contrast.

    Very soon after continuing the road, we will visit Ananuri Fortress – a castle and a seat of the Eristavis (Dukes) of Aragvi. The architectural treasure of the feudal times in Georgia is located next to the Jinvali Reservoir. That’s why landscape photos taken from this place are always unforgettable.

    We will continue the way, pass Georgian villages and reach the merge of two rivers – black and white Aragvi. They merge but the colors still contrast with each other. While driving a jeep we will soon notice that the nature landscapes become mountainous. In front of you will spread amazing mountain groups of the Caucasus. We will see shepherds following the flock, narrow waterfalls falling from the rocks and the deep gorges between the huge mountains. Military Highway will feel like the road to heaven.

    Next we will reach the Friendship Monument located near Gudauri resort and Jvari Pass (2379m). Also called as Gudauri panorama, It depicts scenes from the history of Georgia and neighboring Russia. This place is distinguished by a panorama of the Devil's Valley in the Caucasus mountains. Fresh air, enormous round stone arch, huge mountains - all of this will make you wonder if you really are on planet Earth.

    Another experience you will have on this day is a walk in Truso Valley - The heart of the Georgian mountains. Mineral springs, amazing landscapes, giant mountains - all in one valley. If we say that there is freedom in the mountains, you will find it in the valley of Truso.

    We will continue to follow the highway to the higher altitudes and reach the center of the region – Stepantsminda(1740m) which is located in the middle of the giant mountains. Compared to the capital, the temperature here is much lower, the air is fresh and the atmosphere is amazing.

    Overnight in Stepantsminda.


    Gergeti Trinity Church - Gveleti Waterfall - Tsdo - Elia Church

    On this day we can continue our journey in the Kazbegi region, our first destination will be Gergeti Trinity Church. The temple is on the top of the mountain (2170m), from where the view of the whole region can be seen and there is iconic Mt Kazbek (5.047m) peak -3rd highest mountain in Georgia behind. The road to the church is not difficult but very beautiful. It's a symbolic viewpoint and you feel the tranquility, the magic of the Caucasus Mountains, gorgeous panorama, and best in any season.

    Then we will continue our journey in the Caucasus Mountains. Our next destination will be Gveleti waterfall. The road is much more difficult and uneven. The road does not go to the end, so we will have a small hike in the middle of nature. We walk along the river flowing in the and we will reach Gveleti Waterfall. A huge waterfall creates a beautiful landscape, and wind-sprayed water will boost your energy. Later we will continue our adventure and drive to Dariali gorge to visit a less touristic place - village Tsdo(1740m), where only 5 people live. We turn from the highway to a relatively narrow dirt road. The village is located 6 km from the main road. The village is in the middle of the mountains, from where there is a beautiful view of Mount Kuro and Mount Shino. After that we will drive to Elia Church which is located at the bottom of the huge mountains. From this place an amazing view of Stepantsminda can be seen with the background of giant mountains.

    Overnight in Stepantsminda.


    Juta - Chaukhi Pass (optional) - Roshka

    Here we will have an option to split the group:

    Those who want a shorter hike of a few kilometers to the lake above Juta. (Distance - 10km, Elevation Gain/Loss – 500m). We will see magical nature there. In the summer the ground is green and the blue sky surrounded with snow-covered mountains creates an amazing atmosphere. The horses and cows lying on the grass calmly watching the horizon. At the lake you can take amazing landscape pictures. After that we can return back and drive to Roshka village.

    Those who want more hiking and are ready for the adventure can cross the Chaukhi pass (3341m). (Distance – 11.7km, Elevation Gain – 1280m, Elevation Loss – 1076m) Route starts from the bridge of Juta from where we will hike towards Chaukhi Massif (3688m) - known as the "Georgian Dolomites'', passing through the village and cottages above Juta where we could stop for morning coffee shortly. We will eventually climb to the 3341m high Chaukhi pass, which separates the Khevi region from Khevsureti. Nature from this point is astonishing. You feel at the center of the world. From here, we will descend to the colorful Abudelauri lakes and follow the trail to the Roshka village.

    Overnight in Roshka village.


    Abudelauri Lakes - Datvijvari Pass - Shatili

    After breathing the fresh air of the morning we will hike 4-5 km one way to beautiful Abudelauri lakes(2812m) which are three and each one has different colors (blue, white, green). For those who chose a longer hike the day before, horse riding is possible. After that we will drive to Shatili - medieval tower town located next to Arghuni river. The road to the village is beautiful, smooth, and flat. On the way we will pass rivers , drive up to the mountain and see the amazing panoramic view of the Caucasus mountains. After that we will cross Datvijvari Pass(2676m) where you can taste local vodka (chacha), bless the road and the beauty of this area and finally go down to reach Shatili(1450m) – mysteriously hidden in the mountains.

    Overnight in Shatili.


    Anatori Necropolis - Mutso - Sabue

    In the morning after breakfast we will continue jeep tour in Georgia and drive towards Mutso fortress, on the way we will pass mystical Anatori Necropolis - The city of the dead – in the old times the whole tower town was plagued and now it’s just storage of their bones. Soon We will need to climb the hill with a path leading to Mutso fortress (1650m) which is a mysterious and exceptionally panoramic fortress often referred to as Georgian Machu Picchu. Nature around is amazing with the beautiful landscapes of the high mountains. After enjoying the views we will drive back to cross the pass again and head to village Sabue.

    Overnight in Sabue.


    Abano Pass - Omalo - Dartlo village

    On this day lifetime experience awaits you - Tusheti road. Our main goal after starting the jeeps is to reach Omalo. First we drive towards Abano pass(2900m). It is the highest drivable mountain pass in the Caucasus and one of the highest roads of Europe. Only 4x4 vehicles with high clearance can pass it safely. On the Abano pass you will get a fabulous view because it is arguably one of the most beautiful roads in the world. Surrounded by divinely large mountains, the loud silence of the wind flying in mountains creates a magical effect on the atmosphere.

    After this adventure we will reach the central village of the region Omalo(1880m) – a place which is half a year cut off from the rest of Georgia due to lack of proper roads. Here you will see amazing nature with green grass, dense forests, fresh air, and Keselo towers guarding their homeland from the 13th century. Everything will make you think that you are on another planet.

    For this day our last destination will be the dream place Dartlo Village(1820) – location without civilization where you will feel like in the middle ages. The village is located at the banks of Tusheti’s Alazani river. There you can taste mountain food, cheese, Dartlo Café and a short hike to Kvavlo village above hill ascent from village to the place where eagles fly down to Georgia.

    Overnight in Dartlo.


    Parsma - Girevi - Chigho - Hike to Ghele - Omalo

    Our unforgettable adventure continues. First we will head to Parsma village(2070m). After driving between huge mountains and green nature we will reach this the most romantic village in Georgia. There you will see towers built by Lezgins (Daghestanis). Local people are very hospitable and kind. They are keeping the traditions of beer brewing. You can taste natural homemade Georgian beer and watch the beautiful landscapes of alpine meadows which may be full of flowers in the land where spring starts in June. From Parsma village we will have a short walk to Girevi(2050m), you will be amazed by the magical nature there. We will reach Chechnya's border, where the last tower village of Georgia in Alazani gorge – Girevi is located.

    Then we will drive to another Georgian monument village Chigho – one of the wildest and most remote village of Tusheti in alpine pastures surrounded by several strong shrines includingLasharis Jvari (cross of Lashari). Village is the dream for trekkers. There you will see unbeaten passes, and amazing wilderness which can be reached by horse or foot.

    Those who prefer hiking in this breathtaking area, will hike from Parsma to Ghele. (Distance - 20km, Elevation Gain - 1320m, Elevation Loss - 1150m) you will be walking on the ridge at the elevation of almost 3000m and have marvelous, almost aerial views of the both valleys and mountains around. If the weather is good, there are great, 360° views of the whole Tusheti as well as of the prominent peaks to the north such as Diklo, Komito and other summits.

    Overnight in Omalo.


    Omalo - Gometsari gorge - Bochorma - Dochu - Tbilisi

    In the morning drive to one of the gorges of Tusheti called Gometsari. Here you will see ancient villages in the wild and untamed nature. Deep gorges and the high mountains looking over them. During summer there are shepherds too. This is the ideal destination for hikers and nature lovers. Our next destination will be Europe’s one of the highest villages with a permanent population – Bochorma. Then we will continue our drive to the cliffs of the Tusheti region. We will reach the beautiful small village of Dochu, from where an amazing panoramic view can be seen of the breathtaking gorge and huge mountains.

    Overwhelmed by the beauty of Georgian mountains and full of unforgettable memories from the jeep tour in Caucasus, we will return to Tbilisi.

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