9 Days Georgia Bike Tour - Car and accomodation booking support for cyclists - Welcome to Caucasus
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Welcome to Caucasus / 9 Days Georgia Bike Tour – Car and accomodation booking support for cyclists

9 Days Georgia Bike Tour – Car and accomodation booking support for cyclists

630 EUR

per person

Georgia bike tour lets you explore Georgia on Bikes and allows you to visit lesser Caucasus and historical south part of Georgia. Discover exotic Martvili canyon area and have Caucasus bike tour in beautiful Svaneti region with 4-5 thousand meter summits.

Georgia Bike Tour Outline:

Day 1: Kojori village – Turtle Lake -Tbilisi
Day 2: Tbilisi – Tsalka – Tabatskuri – Bakuriani
Day 3: Bakurianis Andeziti – Tori Village – Kakhisi Lake – Chobiskhevi village
Day 4: Bike ride from Chunchkha village to Kumurdo Cathedral – Tmogvi Fortress – Vardzia Cave Town
Day 5: Akhaltsikhe – Zekari Pass(2180m) – Sairme Resort – Kutaisi
Day 6: Kutaisi – Martvili canyon – Mestia – Bike ride from Hatsvali cable cars upper station
Day 7: Tetnuldi resort to Adishi village or Tsvirmi village to Ushguli
Day 8: Zagaro Pass(2642m) – Mele village in Lentekhi – Tskaltubo
Day 9: Party or Canyoning and cave exploration

Bicycle tour in Georgia would be the best in the July-September period. Hiring bikes is possible but for 9 days may be quite expensive, however, car support so you can have jeeps hired from us who can take you to higher points – mountain passes, exotic villages, off the beaten paths and discover the best places to visit by bike in Georgia. Enjoy descending to our beautiful mountain villages, meeting with wonderful people, is always possible and not expensive. Besides, we will always select the best available accommodations in each region. Hope you will have an unforgettable journey during the Caucasus bike tour!

✅ Transportation of people and bikes during the tour with 4wd Vehicle
✅ Service of English speaking supportive jeep driver
✅ Accommodations with breakfast and dinner and lunch box
Not including:
❌ Rental of Bikes
❌ Bike guide service
❌ Lunches other than basic lunch box in villages
❌ Insurance


    Bike ride Kojori village-Turtle Lake-Tbilisi

    (Distance - 7.3km, Elevation Loss - 720m)

    We will start bike tour in Georgia with riding from Tbilisi to nearby Kojori Village (1400m). We will reach the highest mountain near Tbilisi at Udzo Monastery. From there we will ride down to the capital. During riding, we will pass the restaurant where we can take a break, taste the food and enjoy the view of Tbilisi. Later we will descend to Bulbulebis Chala near Turtle Lake - favorite picnic area for locals. Our ride will end at Turtle lake where you can take beautiful pictures and enjoy the scenery.


    Tbilisi-Tsalka-Tabatskuri-Bakuriani, Bike ride from Burnasheti to Tabatskuri lake, night in Bakuriani

    (Distance - 23km, Elevation Gain - 565m. Elevation Loss - 227m)

    On this day we will go south west from Tbilisi towards Tabatskuri lake. By jeep we will reach the last village on the way to the lake in Tsalka region - Burnasheti. From there we will ride bikes in a beautiful alpine valley. We will see volcanoes and red rocks around while riding our bikes on a dirt road. Inactive volcano of Mt. Tavkvetli (2583m) even has craters, and sometimes a lake is formed on it, which means that it is newly created. Huge Mt. Samsari (3285m) and Mt. Abuli (3305m) overlooks the horizon. You will have to go through the middle of such a landscape.

    Soon you will approach Tabatskuri Lake, which is hidden in the middle of volcanoes. The lake is formed by lava flows and is filled with groundwater, snow and rainwater. There is a small island in the middle of the lake. In winter it is usually frozen. Colorful volcanic rocks, dirt roads, blue shining lake will make you feel like you're in a fairy tale. The environment is interesting not only in terms of geological diversity, but also for the eye of the visitor. We will rest for a while at the edge of the forest and make a delicious barbecue, which we will prepare before the tour in the morning.

    We can stop here, make barbecues and enjoy a picnic or hurry to continue our bike ride. Cars could drive you to Tskhratskaro Pass (2462m) which is located on the Trialeti Range. From there you could descend another 15km towards Bakuriani resort (1600-1700m) while enjoying the beautiful landscapes of Borjomi gorge. Either by car or bike we will finally enter the famous mountain resort Bakuriani, which is a favorite place for skiers and famous for its dense coniferous forests, cool climate and fresh air.

    Overnight in Bakuriani.


    Bike ride Bakurianis Andeziti - Tori Village - Kakhisi Lake - Chobiskhevi village - Overnight in Akhaltsikhe

    (Distance - 22km, Elevation Gain - 682m. Elevation Loss - 1295m)

    In the morning we will drive 15 minutes to Bakurianis Andeziti and from there will start a biking adventure in the beautiful forests of Borjomi Gorge. Passing through the abandoned village Tori which was a historical settlement we will reach beautiful Kakhisi lake which is a great place for camping and picnic. We will have a lunch there and afterwards we will descend from Dabadzveli to the green Chobiskhevi village. During soviet times cable cars operated between those two villages. There is a waterfall near our route. Our car will wait for us in Chobiskhevi and will take us to the guest house in Akhaltsikhe where we can enjoy a tasty Georgian dinner.

    Overnight in Akhaltsikhe.


    Bike ride from Chunchkha village to Kumurdo Cathedral - Tmogvi Fortress - Vardzia Cave Town

    (Distance - 22km, Elevation Gain - 490m Gain, Elevation Loss - 930m)

    In the morning we will drive to the Chunchka village overlooking the Vardzia gorge.

    From there we will start our bike ride. First we will reach deserted village Kilda where 10th century chapel and megalithic site is located.

    Then we will ride to Armenian village Kumurdo with 10th century Kumurdo cathedral. From there we will descend to Tmogvi village passing John The Baptist church of Tsunda (12th-13th century).

    Then we will visit the medieval Tmogvi fortress (9th-10th century) built on a tall, rocky mountain overlooking the Kur river gorge. From there we will ride bikes to Vardzia (12th-13th century). There we will visit the cave town where you can find the main church, bell tower, cave dwellings, chapels, pharmacy, and wine cellars - dated to the Bronze Age.

    The path goes through village Chachkari which has old dwellings of people in caves, also old remains of vine trees and oldest winepress in caves. There is still a population in Chachkari village and they can tell you how their ancestors lived in cave dwellings and made wine. After visiting the ancient sights you will drive back to Akhaltsikhe and taste delicious local Kvevri (traditional clay pots used to store wine) beer - Amphora in Aspindza.

    Overnight in Akhaltsikhe.


    Akhaltsikhe - Zekari Pass(2180m) - Sairme Resort - Kutaisi

    (Distance - 25km, Elevation Gain - 437m, Elevation Loss - 1682m)

    After breakfast, we will drive toward Kutaisi. First, we will drive to Zekari Pass(2180m) From here it's our turn to experience Georgian adventure. We will ride bikes to the Sairme resort. The resort is famous for its springs, which are very beneficial for health. You will taste these waters and you will also be able to enjoy the pools after the long biking in Sairme if interested. Finally, our car will pick us up and we will drive to Kutaisi - Once the capital of Georgia and one of the largest cities.

    Overnight in Kutaisi.


    Kutaisi - Martvili canyon - Mestia - Bike ride from Hatsvali cable cars upper station

    (Distance - 9.3km, Elevation Loss - 700m)

    On this day we will visit an amazing Martvili Canyon where you can enjoy the boat ride in the beautiful green forge. We will drive to the Svaneti mountains and reach Mestia - the center city of the Svaneti Region. There we will start Bike tour in Svaneti and have a great challenge to ride down from Hatsvali cable car's upper station. From the top the view to the Svanetian mountains is magnificent. During the ride, you will breathe the fresh air of the high mountains. After descending we will return to Mestia.

    Overnight in the guesthouse.


    Tetnuldi resort to Adishi village or Tsvirmi village to Ushguli

    (Distance - 40km, Elevation Gain - 962m, Elevation Loss - 1500m) or (Distance - 32km, Elevation Gain - 1097m. Elevation Loss - 875m)

    On this day we have two alternatives But both are exciting and promise the best adventure

    The first is to drive to Tetnuldi resort. Our bike trip starts from a 3000-meter elevation and we will descend to Adishi Village by hiking path. Descending we will enjoy views towards Tetnuldi summit and Adishi village below which feels like middle ages. From the village, we will follow the road to Ushguli.

    The second option is not technically difficult and is suitable for any type of bike- just a dirt road. First, we will drive to Tsvirmi village from where we will descend on a narrow road to Ushguli.


    Bike ride from Zagaro pass to Mele village in Lentekhi - Drive to Tskaltubo

    (Distance - 30km, Elevation Gain - 300m, Elevation Loss - 1680m)

    On this day we will drive to Zagaro pass (2642m). From there our long and beautiful biking journey starts. We will ride a bike towards Mele village in Lentekhi. We will pass the tiny village Tsana and continue our path in the amazing atmosphere. You can enjoy the experience, ride a bike on the endless dirt road, our car will follow us closely and when we no longer want to continue the road by bike, we can take a break and drive to Tskaltubo.

    Overnight in Tskaltubo.


    Back to Tbilisi

    The last day of the bike tour is always special. It is Possible to plan canyoning or cave exploration activity in the west part of the country. There are few explored and touristic or unexplored and non-touristic caves in Georgia which need to be entered with flashlights and special clothes or we can visit the waterfalls and the rivers for canyoning and rafting.

    The second option is to have a Georgian food and drinks party with the traditional songs, much fun and unforgettable memories.

    Finally we will drive to Tbilisi.

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