6 Days Svaneti Hiking Tour - Walking Georgia - Welcome to Caucasus
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Welcome to Caucasus / 6 Days Svaneti Hiking Tour – Walking Georgia

6 Days Svaneti Hiking Tour – Walking Georgia

450 EUR

per person

Hiking tour of Svaneti is all about walking Georgia’s most popular and most beautiful areas in its hiking Mecca – Svaneti region.

Walking Georgia Tour

Hike to Shkhara Glacier – reach the birthplace of the river from the ice of Caucasus summits of Svaneti.

Hike to one of the most beautiful places of Georgia – Mkheri church (2470m)

Visit the important symbol of Svaneti culture in the Svanetian tower and Mestia Museum

Ride horses in beautiful Dolra valley of Mazeri village

Drive to Koruldi Lakes in the heart of mountains above Mestia

  Take a boat ride in Martvili Canyon

  Visit Kaghu waterfall hidden in the nature

  Explore Prometheus Cave full with stunning stalactites and stalagmites 

  Take a picture of the world’s second highest concrete arch dam

Walking Georgia Tour Outline: 

Day 1: Drive to Mestia from Tbilisi or Kutaisi, Visit Prometheus cave – Enguri Dam – night in Mestia

Day 2: Chalaadi glacier short hike – Hatsvali cable cars ride – Svanetian tower visit- night in Mestia 

Day 3: Mkheri dayhike or Tetnuldi resort visit – visit Mestia museum and Laghami church, night in Mestia 

Day 4: Hike or early morning local jeep ride to Koruldi lakes – drive to Ushguli, sunset at Lamaria church, night in Ushguli

Day 5: Drive back from Ushguli, Shdugra waterfalls hike or horse riding – drive to Kutaisi, night in Kutaisi

Day 6: Visit Martvili canyon, Kaghu waterfall, Okatse canyon, drive to Tbilisi/Kutaisi Airport

In this Svaneti hiking tour you will do a dayhike to Mkheri church which has arguably the best location in Georgia – at arms length from very beautiful Lahili summit which stands as beautiful as snow white princess just in front of you. It is also possible for the group to do harder hike from Koruldi lake to the Koruldi ridge to reach Mt Ushba so near and enjoy the breathtaking views.

In addition, you will be able to hike to Chalaadi glacier which is located in the shortest distance from where car can reach, just 40 minutes walk to see how the river is born from the glacier! And Georgia’s one of the highest and mighty wateralls – Shdugra! It is like huge rivers flowing down from Ushba pleatau – To visit this another must see place of Svaneti just 4km one way walk is needed and you could even cover most part by horses!

Hiking tour package in Svaneti, Georgia is adjustable for a group with mixed capabilities. It is possible for the part of group to visit Tetnuldi resort (3000m highest point reachable by car) while other hike to Mkheri church, or if the group is not interested in longer hikes at all, Mkheri will be missed. Shkhara glacier is also reachable very near by car.

Koruldi lakes need a local jeep to go up by jeep, Shdugra waterfalls can be reached by horse very near as I mentioned before, but for small kids lets say, it is possible to have even shorter horse rider in a beautiful open valley. As a result this tour is completely customizable and is well adjusted to the demand of the group.

If the group is interested to walk the best part of Mestia to Ushguli (adishi to Iprali hike), it is possible to insert Koruldi lakes jeep tour in the early morning of Day 2 and do Chkhutnieri pass crossing on day 4 and arrive in Ushguli for overnight. This would make trip harder but even more memorable.

In conclusion, I would say that this hiking in Georgia tour is for those who just want to visit the best, who are interested in the most beautiful places, sightseeing, day hikes in Svaneti which take you to the dream destinations, save you time, rather than experiencing trekking between villages.


✅ Guesthouses including breakfast, lunch box (only during the hike) and dinner
✅ Driver’s service, petrol and his accommodation
✅ Service of trekking guide
✅ Local jeep ride to Koruldi lakes
Not included:
❌ Lunches (except for lunch box during hikes) and dinners on the first and last evenings
❌ Entrance fees to canyons


    Drive to Mestia, on the way stop at Prometheus cave, Enguri dam

    In the morning we will drive towards Mestia.

    Our first stop will be in west Georgia to have a tour in the magical Prometheus Cave full with stunning stalactites and stalagmites with colored lights in a dark halls

    After enjoying the cave we will drive to Enguri Dam which is the world's second highest concrete arch dam and  a magical mix of the blue water and green forest.

    In the evening we will arrive in Mestia – the main town of Svaneti region.

    Overnight in Mestia


    Short Hike to Chalaadi glacier, ride Hatsvali cable cars, visit Svanetian tower museum

    We will visit Hatsvali cable cars and reach the upper station on Mount Zuruldi(2347m). From the top the view is magnificent - you will see the amazing view of the Svanetian part of Caucasus mountain range

    Then we will start hiking in Svaneti tour to the Chalaadi glacier (Distance – 2.5km one way, Elevation Gain/Loss – 350m). We will follow a path in the valley of Mestiachala river and reach the glacier from where the river is born.

    Our next destination will be Margiani House-Museum - an old Svanetian settlement in Mestia where you will have the opportunity to visit the Svanetian tower.

    Overnight in Mestia


    Mkheri dayhike or Tetnuldi resort visit - visit Mestia museum and Laghami church, night in Mestia 

    In the morning we will have two alternatives. Group can choose one or can split into hikers and non-hikers.

    Hikers will reach Mkheri church(2473m) on Svaneti Range. They will enjoy the view of Lahili summit and its glaciers from the very top of the mountain. This place can be considered as one of the most beautiful places in Georgia. Views are better in the morning, so the group will need to start hiking very early in the morning. There is an annual festival being held at the Mkheri church in July.

    Non-Hikers will drive to Tetnuldi Resort’s highest point. By car they will reach a higher altitude than Mkheri church but views from Mkheri are more recommended. Then we will visit Mestia Museum where you can explore a rich collection of icons, jewelry, ornaments, etc. The next destination, Laghami church, is a distinctive monument in terms of both architectural and beautiful fresco painting. The temple is located in Lagham, one of the oldest districts of Mestia.

    Overnight in Mestia.


    Hike or Jeep ride to Koruldi lakes - Drive to Ushguli

    In the morning we can decide what is our preference. There is an option to hike just to Koruldi lakes. However, this hike may take 7hr and local car can also manage to take us up there and views in summer are good in the early morning.  So the preference would be to ride to Koruldi Lakes with a local jeep.There is a great view towards the Mestia area from the cross looking down the town. If the weather is good, the amazing landscape, reflected from the lake, doubles the natural beauty. After the cross jeep  trail goes up to beautiful alpine meadows at the foot of Usha summit(4710m) where the Koruldi lakes are located. Here if the tour is supported by knowledgable guide, its the best to climb to the Koruldi ridge (3340m). From the top you will have a perfect view towards Ushba summit (4710m) - two-headed devil also called Georgia’s matterhorn. This hike is hard, but if we are not prepared and fit enough, we can just relax at the lakes till lunchtime, then descend back by lunch and do a short hike to Shkhara glacier in Ushguli instead.

    After lunch we will follow the path to Ushguli - one of the highest settlements of Europe with a permanent population. Ushguli is the face of Svanetian culture, there you will find Svanetian towers, which are listed in the Unesco world heritage, used as defensive structures, behind which is the highest peak of Georgia, Shkhara(5193m). After that we will drive from Ushguli to Shkhara glacier (Distance - 4.65km, Elevation Gain/Loss - 300m). We will reach by car very near and then do a very easy short hike to approach it and see the birthplace of Enguri river.

    In the evening we will enjoy perfect sunset at Lamaria church which stands in the background of Shkhara summit.

    Overnight in Ushguli


    Shdugra waterfalls hike or horse riding – drive to Kutaisi

    Our adventure tour continues to Shdugra waterfalls - Georgia's tallest waterfall which makes a constant rainbow. We have two alternatives, one is to hike to the waterfall (To the bridge and border post by horses, then walk ascent), we will need approximately 4 hours. Another option is to have a shorter walk or horse riding in the amazing Mazeri area, which will be 1-2 hours activity. Both of the options are amazing experiences.

    Then we will drive to Kutaisi (If the flight is from Kutaisi this tour could end here as well).

    Overnight in Kutaisi.


    Visit Martvili canyon, Kaghu waterfall, Okatse canyon, drive to Tbilisi/Kutaisi Airport

    After breakfast we will visit an amazing Martvili canyon and enjoy the boat ride in the beautiful green gorge. Then we will visit Georgian treasure hidden in amazing nature - Kaghu Waterfall, a perfect place for relaxation in a beautiful atmosphere. Then in case of interest, we can continue by visiting Okatse canyon. It is one of the most popular and thrilling attractions of Georgia. We will take a walk along the cliffs on top of a beautiful valley.

    In the evening we will drive to Tbilisi or Kutaisi airport

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