Hiking Tour in Armenia - 8 Days Trekking in the Caucasus Armenia - Welcome to Caucasus
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Welcome to Caucasus / Hiking Tour in Armenia – 8 Days Trekking in the Caucasus Armenia

Hiking Tour in Armenia – 8 Days Trekking in the Caucasus Armenia

520 EUR

per person

Hiking Tour in Armenia gives you an opportunity to hike between the oldest monasteries, in the beautiful nature of Dilizhan national park, on the slopes of Mt Aragats. Explore by foot different areas of Armenia, its diverse landscapes, spend time in Yerevan, meet hospitable people and taste delicious Armenian food, This tour will be assisted by both guide and driver offering you maximum comfort and high service quality.

Hike between two monasteries of the oldest christian nation during Armenia tour.

Discover hidden caves and waterfalls of Lastiver.

Fly in the air with world’s  one of the longest cable cars in Tatev.

Explore the central streets of Yerevan.

Hike in the gorge of the Hellenic temple of Garni.

Hike towards the slopes of mount Aragats (4090m) – One of the best routes while hiking in Armenia.

Visit the outstanding architectural monuments in the middle of nature in Armenia.

Take a look at the panorama of blue Sevan Lake while trekking in Armenia.

Hiking Tour in Armenia Outline

Day 1: Tbilisi – Haghpat – Hike to Kobayr

Day 2: Short hike in Lastiver – Goshavank and Hagartsin Monasteries visit, OR Hike in Dilizhan National Park 

Day 3: Noraduz Cemetery – Selim Caravanserai – Hike to Smbataberd Fortress

Day 4: Tatev monastery cable car ride – Hike from Tatev to Devil’s Bridge- Old Goris Trial

Day 5: Khndzoresk bridge walk- Noravank Monastery visit – Khor Virap Monastery – Ejmiatsin Cathedral 

Day 6: Yerevan Tour – Hike in Garni gorge – visit Gerhard Monastery

Day 7: Hike to Aragats South Peak from kari Lake or Hike from Kari Lake to Amberd Fortress 

Day 8: Sevanavank Monastery – Sevan Lake – Transfer to Airport in Tbilisi/Yerevan

NOTE: In case of longer time and demand, in the period of End June till Mid September, we will add 2 or 3 days in the most beautiful area of Armenia for hiking: Geghama Mountains with 1-2 nights camping. For approximate route please see the link. In case of interest, it is also possible to add 2-3 days for Aragats north peak which is more technical.

✅ Professional guide
✅ Transportation, fuel surcharge, accommodation of driver
✅ 7 nights accommodation in guest houses outside Yerevan with breakfast and dinner and in Yerevan hotel with breakfast
✅ All entrance fees and cable car round trip in Tatev
✅ Dinner in Armenian restaurant with national dances and music


    Tbilisi – Haghpat – Hike to Kobayr

    In the morning we will take a road from Tbilisi to Armenia. After crossing the border we will start tour in Armenia and will visit Haghpat Monastery which is a UNESCO Heritage Site. The monastery was a center of education in the past. Manuscripts were copied and processed here. Monks could study medicine, science and art at Haghpat. You will find yourself in the center of Armenian culture. It has great views towards the gorge and surrounding mountains. Then we will drive to Odzun where we will visit the 6th century monastery from where we will start the first hike.

    Hike from Odzun to Kobair

    (Distance – 8.8km, Elevation Gain – 450m Up, 600m Down)

    This route starts in Odzun village. First, you will hike to the medieval Horomayr Monastery (1,000m). Then, the Kobayr Monastery - one of the significant cultural centers of Armenia. In addition to the monasteries along the way you will see the beautiful nature of the Lori region, water springs and small chapels. In the distance, you will see settlements, foggy forests, deep gorges, waterfalls, and canyons.

    Overnight in Alaverdi or Dilijan.


    Dilizhan National Park (Khachardzan - Gosh) or Hike in Lastiver & visit Goshavank and Hagartsin Monasteries

    Hiking Tour in Armenia

    We will start the hiking tour with a hike in the green forest of Tavush region. We will choose between two beautiful hikes. The one towards Lastiver is easier hike and is for families with kids who want to rest and enjoy the nature. The other hike is moderate difficulty and passes between many famous landmarks of Dilizhan region. Starts at village Khachardzan, then hike continues towards Gosh lake and then to Goshavank Monastery in village Gosh.

    Lastiver Hike

    (Distance – 6km. Elevation gain/loss – 370m)

    Our goal will be to reach the beautiful caves and waterfalls of Lastiver. The path to the Lastiver starts from the village of Yenokavan. There you will find ziplines which function full year. The caves are hidden at the edge of a deep gorge. The entire hiking route will be loaded with greenery and fresh air. While exploring the amazing nature of Armenian forests you can take great photos.

    After that we will drive to Goshavank, once the most important spiritual and cultural center of Armenia. The monastery, on the walls of which many manuscripts were written, is located in a beautiful picturesque place. Our next destination will be the Tavush region, rich with both natural and historical monuments, where the monastery complex of Hagartsin, one of the monuments of Armenian medieval architecture is located. Complex represents an amazing mix of architecture and nature, because it is surrounded by beautiful green forest. you will visit a chapel, dining hall, bell tower, library and monk’s cells.

    Hike from Goshavank monastery to lake Gosh and then to Khachardzan village (Dilizhan National Park)

    Total Distance 14.5km (elevation gain - 700m, elevation loss 500m)

    We will drive to Khachadzran village. From here we start hike which is part of Transcaucasus trial. Via beautiful forests we will reach the panoramic fields on the top of mountain from where we can enjoy the veiws towards the gorge. Then we will slowly descend to the lake Gosh. The route then passes through a fresh and untouched forest. We can rest there and enjoy the nature reflected in the lake. Then we will descend back to Goshavank monatery where car will pick us up.

    Overnight in Dilijan


    Noraduz Cemetery – Selim Caravanserai – Hike to Smbataberd Fortress

    After breakfast we will visit Noraduz Cemetery, where 900 khachkars (cross-stones) of various styles are located. After that we will move to Selim Caravanserai - the best-preserved caravanserai in Armenia. While looking at this building, you can imagine the life of merchants who passed through this way in the 14th century. Marco Polo, who visited Selim Caravanserai during his travels, also had information about this monument.

    Hike to Smbataberd Fortress

    (Distance – 11 km, Elevation gain/loss : 734m)

    The first is the hike to Smbataberd Fortress(5th century) and TsakhatsKar Monastery(10th century) . The trail is moderate and appropriate for hiking. When will reach Smbataberd – one of the best-kept fortresses in the country. Then we will reach TsakhatsKar Monastery, from where we will see very beautiful mountain landscapes. Feel the free air of Armenia and take amazing photos.

    Overnight in the Goris or Yeghenadzor


    Tatev monastery cable car ride – Hike from Tatev to Devil's Bridge- Old Goris Trial

    Our first destination will be Tatev. In this region you will completely get away from the noisy environment of Yerevan. The mountains and green nature will make you feel amazing. The wings of Tatev - the world's longest cable car (6 km) will double this feeling. While hanging in the air, you will look at the beautiful landscapes of Armenia, take unforgettable photos and breathe the fresh air. The last destination of the cable car is Tatev Monastery. There are three churches on the monastery grounds. During medieval times Tatev Monastery was a center of scholastic, and spiritual activities. From this place you can look at the landscape of breathtaking mountains and dense forests.

    (Distance - 5.78km, Elevation Gain - 240m, Elevation Loss - 714m)

    Then we will start hiking from Tatev Monastery to Devil's Bridge where car will wait for us. We will pass Tatev desert 17th century Armeanian monastery located in Vorotan river gorge. Then we will follow the river gorge and reach the Devil's Bridge - a natural bridge carved by the river out of rock.

    Then we will drive back to Goris and will do another and now shorter walk, which is very important and spectactular if you ever visit Armenia. It is old Goris Trial. 2.5km walk (160m up, 180m down) walk starts from Goris cemetery and goes up to the viewpoint from where you will have a perfect view to Goris and its surroundings, but the most important is to visit so called Armenian kapadokia - strange shaped hills, caves and ,,pyramids" which make surrounding stunning.

    Overnight in Goris area.


    Khndzoresk bridge walk- Noravank Monastery visit – Khor Virap Monastery - Ejmiatsin Cathedral in case of time-Yerevan

    In the morning we will continue hiking tour in Armenia. 

    First we will walk from the famous ancient caves village Khndzoresk, where people lived until the 1950s to swinging bridge (2.7km 100m up, 160m down). Two banks of the village - Old and New Khndzoresk, are connected by a long swinging bridge, from where a beautiful green background spreads over the valley.  Here our short hike will end.

    and visit Noravank Monastery which was built in the 12th century. In 2002 Noravank Monastery was listed in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites. There is a uniquely beautiful nature around the monastery. Here you will have the opportunity to take photos of the high red cliffs and deep gorges.

    Our next destination will be the most visited pilgrimage site in Armenia – Khor Virap first established in 642. The monastery is built on a rock. Its name in Armenian language means "deep dungeon". As soon as you reach this place, you will immediately notice the snow-capped Mount Ararat (5137m) on the horizon, which overlooks the whole Armenia.

    Then we will visit Echmiadzin - the theological capital of Armenia and the seat of The Catholicos of Armenians. Nowadays, in Etchmiadzin you can find post-Soviet quarters, factories, and ancient churches. While visiting this small town, you will go back to the past of Armenia, because everything around you will point to this period. This town is easily attracting all kinds of visitors - from the religious tourists to the ones interested in Armenia’s history.

    After this we will visit the ruins of Zvartnots temple and will have an option to visit St Hripsime and Gayane churches in case of interest.

    In the evening we will drive to Yerevan.

    Overnight in Yerevan.


    Yerevan Tour - Hike in Garni gorge – visit Gerhard Monastery

    We will start the day with a tour of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. We will take a walk on Republic Square. Where the National Museum and Government House are located. We will find here buildings with distinctive architecture and streets with both local and many tourists. Then we walk down Mashtoc Avenue and hear more about the capital. We will visit the heart of Yerevan, the Cascade, where all open-air cultural events are held. Panorama of Yerevan can be seen from this place. You will be able to take amazing photos here.

    Then we will drive to Garni Temple.

    Hike in Garni Gorge

    (Distance: 10km, Elevation gain: 380m, Elevation loss: 480m)

    We will visit the classic Hellenistic temple of Garni. The temple is a symbol of pre-Christian Armenia. Looking at this distinctive architecture, you think of yourself in ancient Greece. We will hike down the gorge along the road and cross the Garni bridge. you will be amazed by the huge cylinders forming on the enormous rocks. This place is called the Symphony of Stones (Garni Gorge). Then we will walk to the complex of the 12-13th centuries Havuts Tar Monastery. The hike from Garni to Havuts Tar passes through the Gorge of Garni, near the Azat river. The Monastery itself is located in the Khosrov State Reserve. After visiting the ancient monastery on the peak of the mountain we will get back to the transport.

    Then we will drive to the Geghard Monastery located at the cliff. Monastery is a well preserved and great example of medieval Armenian architecture. With every second spent in this place you will feel the millennial history of Armenia, which lives forever in every stone of this temple. Then we will return to Yerevan.

    Overnight in Yerevan


    Hike to Aragats South Peak or Descend to Amberd Fortress from Kari Lake

    In the morning we will drive to Kari lich (stone lake) on the slopes of Aragats Mt (4090m). From the lake we will hike down to Amberd fortress or hike to the South Peak of Mt Aragats (3898m). Choice of hike depends on the group and its preferences and weather conditions.

    Hike from the slopes of Aragats to Amberd Fortress

    12.78km. elevation loss: 1042m;

    After seeing the beautiful landscapes of Mount Aragats and Lake Kari, we will start walking down and pass the Aragats research station. While following the route you will see an amazing view of mountains and breathe the fresh air of giant mountains. The route difficulty is moderate . If it's the right season you will see the meadows decorated with colorful flowers. Finally we will reach Amberd Fortress built in the 10th century. From here you can enjoy the panoramic view of the confluence of Arshakhen and Amberd rivers in a deep gorge.

    Hike from Kari (stone) lake to Mt. Aragats south Peak

    (Distance 8.5km Elevation up and down: 700m)

    This trial is of moderate difficulty. This hike begins at an altitude of 3,250m above sea level from the high-mountainous, cold, freshwater lake known as Kari Lake (Stone lake). We will pass alpine meadows, varied flowers, mountainous fresh air and will enjoy the view of the snowy peaks of Aragats. End of June till the first half of September is good period for the hike.

    In the evening we will return to Yerevan and have the dinner in a restaurant with a cultural program.

    Overnight in Yerevan.


    Sevanavank Monastery - Sevan Lake - Transfer to Airport in Tbilisi/Yerevan

    At first we will visit Sevanavank Monastery located on the peninsula of Lake Sevan. If you visit this place in the spring, you will find an amazing landscape - bloomed plants, their gentle scent, and the blue lake immersed in this environment. In case of time it is possible to do panoramic hike from the main road near Sevanavank Monastery to Mount Arjanots to enjoy the panoramic view to Sevan lake (Distance: 11km, Elevation Gain/Loss: 600m, Highest Point - 2372m).

    Transfer to the airport in Tbilisi/Yerevan.

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